The All-inclusive Christ in the New Testament

In the New Testament, by my count, there are at least 435 aspects of the all-inclusive Christ (see list below or PDF). This is not an “official count” that others must hold to. It is simply my attempt to catalogue the many aspects of Christ overflowing the New Testament and to illustrate Paul’s phrase, “the unsearchable riches of Christ” (Eph. 3:8). If others are able to find Christ where I did not see Him, I welcome their discovery. Determining what to count is a bit subjective. The subjective element mainly comes into play when determining whether or not to count an action that Christ performs as an item of who He is (aka, turn a verb into a noun). In some cases the Bible already does this with certain major actions, e.g., ‘the One who redeems us’ becomes ‘the Redeemer’. In other cases the Bible merely describes what Christ is doing, but often times these descriptions are so crucial to our salvation and so unique to Christ’s person that they should be counted. The only problem is that many of these don’t collapse neatly into a single title (like Redeemer), so you get a longer descriptive phrase that begins with ‘The One who…’ (e.g., #11 in Ephesians).

Also, this list includes some overlap between books. I was more concerned with seeing the total items in each book (except for Mark, see below), rather than counting unique items. My starting point for this list was the three volumes of Experiencing, Enjoying, and Expressing Christ (CNT) by Witness Lee. On the opening page of volume one, he says that, “In the New Testament there are more than three hundred aspects of the experience, enjoyment, and expression of Christ.” In the list below I expand what he sometimes combines (e.g., in Ephesians he combines items #4-7 and then #16-21). The reason for this is that I’m compiling a list, he was sharing a message. Some items on my list were not included by him. Some of these additional items come from my own reading of the New Testament, some come from other places in his writings that seemed important enough to add (e.g., #22 in Mark), and some come from other official ministry sources (e.g., #50 in the Gospel of John, from Affirmation and Critique IX.1 [April 2004]: 42).

Two books require additional comments


There is much overlap between Mark and the other synoptic gospels. I chose to leave the list simple here, focusing mainly on Christological titles and key themes in Mark’s gospel (as identified in The Life-Study of Mark). In the last three volumes of CNT, Witness Lee doesn’t cover Mark at all. For my purposes, I still wanted to itemize the major aspects of Mark’s presentation of Christ (again, leaving out much of the overlap, and subsuming it under the aspect of Slave-Savior).


Lee skips James entirely in CNT. Indeed, James really has nothing to say about the all-inclusive Christ. The reference in 2:1 is just a title with no explanation or development in relation to our experience and salvation or God’s economy. Compare this to Paul’s treatment of the Christ of glory. Still, I wanted to list it as a reference, even though there is no development.

The Christ presented in the New Testament should be the standard of our pursuit. Paul’s life was a quest to know Christ. The first question he asked the resurrected Christ on the day of his conversion was, “Who are you Lord?” (Acts 9:5). Twenty-six years later, writing to the Philippians from a Roman prison, he was still seeking “to know Him” (Phil. 3:10). Paul never plateaued in his pursuit. At the end of his life, in his last letter to Timothy, he finally said, “I know whom I have believed” (2 Tim. 1:12). Creating this list has caused me to realize that I have so much more of Christ to get to know, by revelation and experience. Our Christ is truly all-inclusive. By giving us Christ, God has given us everything. We have a long way to go until we can say that we know Him, but the road ahead is glorious.


The All-inclusive Christ in Matthew
  1. The son of David—1:1
  2. The son of Abraham—1:1
  3. Jehovah our Savior—1:21
  4. Emmanuel—1:23
  5. A Nazarene—2:23
  6. The heavenly King—2:1-2; 21:5
  7. The Christ, the Son of the living God—16:16; 1:16; 14:33
  8. The Son of Man—8:20; 9:6; 11:19;13:37; 16:13; 19:28; 26:64
  9. The Baptizer—3:11
  10. The Father’s beloved Son—3:17; 17:5
  11. The great light shining in the darkness of death—4:12-16
  12. The Healer—4:23-24
  13. The great teacher—7:28-29
  14. The One who has authority—8:9
  15. The One ruling over the winds and the sea—8:26-27
  16. The Forgiver of sins—9:6
  17. The Physician—9:12
  18. The Bridegroom—9:15
  19. The unfurled cloth for making a new garment—9:16; Luke 5:36
  20. The new wine—9:17
  21. The One with heavenly-ruled deeds—9:20-22
  22. The Shepherd—9:36
  23. The Lord of the harvest—9:37-38
  24. The Friend of sinners—11:19
  25. The Wisdom of God—11:19
  26. The One who gives rest—11:28-30
  27. The Lord of the Sabbath—12:8
  28. The One greater than the temple—12:6
  29. The Servant of Jehovah—12:18
  30. The greater Jonah—12:39-41; 16:4
  31. The greater Solomon—12:42
  32. The Sower—13:3
  33. The One who found a treasure hidden in the field, and the merchant seeking fine pearls—13:44-46
  34. The Feeder—14:16-21; 15:33-38
  35. The escort in the way of following Him—14:22-33
  36. The bread and the crumbs under the table—15:21-38
  37. The only One whom we should hear—17:3-8
  38. The One into whose name the believers are gathered together—18:20
  39. The cornerstone of God’s building—21:42
  40. A hen—23:37
  41. The resurrected One with all authority in heaven and on earth—28:18-19
  42. The center of the processed Triune God—1:18-23; 3:16-17; 12:28; 16:16-19; 17:2-5; 2 8:19; Acts 8:16
The All-inclusive Christ in Mark
  1. The Slave-Savior—10:45
  2. The Son of God—1:1, 11; 3:11; 5:7; 9:7; 14:61-62; 15:39
  3. The Baptizer—1:8
  4. The Holy One of God—1:24
  5. God—2:7
  6. The Son of Man—2:10, 28; 8:31, 38; 9:9, 12, 31; 10:33; 13:26; 14:21, 41, 62
  7. The Physician—2:17
  8. The Bridegroom—2:19
  9. The unfulled cloth—2:21
  10. The new wine—2:22
  11. The real David—2:25
  12. The Lord of the Sabbath—2:28
  13. The Emancipator—3:1-5
  14. The Sower, the seed, and the kingdom—4:3, 11; 9:1-3
  15. The carpenter, despised and rejected—6:2-6
  16. The Feeder, the real Joseph, distributing Himself as bread—6:34-44; 7:27-28; 8:1-9
  17. The Christ—8:27-29
  18. The all-inclusive replacement—9:2-8
  19. The Son of David and the Lord of David—10:47; 11:10; 12:35-37
  20. The King of the Jews—15:2, 9, 12, 18, 26, 32
  21. The crucified, resurrected, and ascended Christ—15:24; 16:6, 19
  22. The One who lived a life fully according to and for God’s New Testament economy
The All-inclusive Christ in Luke
  1. The Man-Savior, with the highest standard of morality
  2. The Son of the Most High inheriting the throne of David His father—1:32
  3. The God-man (the holy thing)—1:35
  4. The fruit of Mary’s womb in His humanity and her Lord in His divinity—1:42-43
  5. A horn of salvation in His humanity and the rising sun from on high in His divinity—1:69, 78
  6. The Savior—2:11
  7. The Christ—2:11, 26; 9:20; 23:35
  8. The consolation of Israel and the redemption of Jerusalem—2:25, 38
  9. God’s salvation—2:30; 3:6
  10. A light for revelation to the Gentiles—2:32
  11. The glory of God’s people Israel—2:32
  12. The baptizer in the Holy Spirit and fire—3:16
  13. The baptized, Beloved Son of God—3:21-22
  14. The proclaimer of the jubilee—4:18-19
  15. Son of God—4:41; 8:28; 22:70
  16. Son of Man—5:24; 22:69
  17. The Physician—5:31
  18. The Bridegroom—5:34
  19. The new garment—5:36
  20. The new wine—5:37
  21. The fresh wineskin—5:38
  22. The Lord of the Sabbath—6:5
  23. The debt-forgiving moneylender—7:41-42
  24. The sower—8:5
  25. The Chosen One—9:35; 23:35
  26. The Good Samaritan—10:33
  27. The greater Jonah—11:32
  28. The greater Solomon—11:31
  29. The wisdom of God—11:49
  30. The fire-caster—12:49
  31. The sheep-finder—15:4-7
  32. The best robe—15:22
  33. The fattened calf—15:23
  34. The master—16:13
  35. The kingdom of God—17:20-24
  36. The son of David and the Lord of David—20:41-44
  37. The King of the Jews—23:3, 37; 19:38
  38. The faultless man—23:4, 14, 22
  39. The tree full of sap—23:31
  40. The living One in resurrection—24:5-6
  41. The One prophesied in the Old Testament—24:27, 44
  42. The pneumatic Christ with a body of flesh and bones—24:36-39
  43. The sender of the Spirit—24:29
  44. The ascended Christ—24:51
The All-inclusive Christ in John
  1. The eternal Word—1:1, 18
  2. God—1:1, (18); 5:18; 8:58; 10:30-33; 12:41; 20:28
  3. The means of creation—1:3
  4. The embodiment of life—1:4; 5:26
  5. The light of life—1:4, 9; 3:19; 8:12; 9:5; 11:9; 12:35-36, 46
  6. The tabernacle of God—1:14
  7. The only begotten Son—1:14, 18; 3:16, 18
  8. The Lamb of God—1:29; 6:4, 51, 56
  9. The Baptizer in the Holy Spirit—1:33
  10. The Son of God—1:34, 49; 5:25; 9:35-37; 10:36; 11:4, 27; 19:7; 21:31
  11. The Christ—1:41; 4:25-26, 29; 21:31
  12. The King of Israel—1:49; 12:13-15; 18:36; 19:19
  13. The heavenly ladder—1:51
  14. The Son of Man—1:51; 3:13-14; 5:27; 6:27, 53, 62; 8:28; 12:23; 13:31
  15. The life-changer—2:1-11
  16. The temple—2:19-21
  17. The bronze serpent—3:14
  18. The Bridegroom—3:29
  19. The immeasurable One—3:31-36
  20. The gift of God—4:10
  21. The spring of living water—4:14
  22. The Savior of the world—4:42
  23. The One who gives life—5:21
  24. The One with authority to execute judgment—5:22, 27
  25. The One testified by the Scriptures—5:39-40, 46
  26. The peace-giver—6:16-21; 20:21
  27. The bread of life—6:35
  28. The feast of tabernacles—7:2; Col. 2:16-17
  29. The Spirit—John 7:39; 14:16-17, 26
  30. The I Am—8:24, 28, 58; 18:5-8
  31. The Emancipator—8:36
  32. The healer of the blind—9:6-7, 32
  33. The Good Shepherd—10:11, 2
  34. The door—10:9
  35. The pasture—10:9
  36. The resurrection and the life—11:25
  37. The grain of wheat—12:24
  38. The One who washes the disciples’ feet—13:3-10
  39. The glorified Son of Man—13:31-32
  40. The Father’s house—14:2, 20, 23; 2:16-21
  41. The way, the reality, and the life—14:6
  42. The emodiment of the Father realized as the Spirit—14:7-11, 16-20; 14:26; 15:26; 16:7, 13-15
  43. The true vine—15:1
  44. The newborn child—16:20-21
  45. The Father’s glorification—17:1
  46. The redeeming and life-imparting One—19:34
  47. The Firstborn Son of God—20:17
  48. The pneumatic Christ in resurrection—20:19-22
  49. The Chief Shepherd—21:15-22
  50. The incarnate incorporation of the Triune God—14:10-11

The All-inclusive Christ in Acts

  1. The One in resurrection—1:3; 2:24
  2. The One in ascension—1:9-11; 2:33-34; 7:55-56
  3. The coming One—1:11
  4. The poured out Spirit, the Spirit of the glorified Jesus—2:1-4, 17-18, 33, 36, 38; 3:26; John 14:26; 1 Cor 15:45; Eph 1:19-23; 1 Cor 12:12-13
  5. The Nazarene—2:22; 3:6; 4:10; 10:38; 22:8; 26:9
  6. The Lord—2:36; 4:26; 10:36; 17:24
  7. The Christ—2:36; 4:26; 9:22; 17:3; 18:5, 28
  8. The object of our faith—2:21; 9:42; 11:17; 16:31; 18:8; 20:21; 24:24
  9. The sphere and ground of our baptism—2:38; 8:16; 10:48; 19:5
  10. The Healer—3:6-10, 16; 4:10, 30; 9:34
  11. God’s Servant—3:13, 26; 4:27, 30
  12. The holy One—3:14; 2:27; 13:35
  13. The righteous One—3:14; 7:52; 22:14
  14. The Author of life—3:15
  15. The seasons of refreshing—3:20
  16. The Prophet raised up by God—3:22-23; 7:37
  17. The seed in whom all the families of the earth will be blessed—3:25
  18. The cornerstone—4:11-12
  19. The Leader—5:31; 17:26-27
  20. The Savior—5:31; 13:23
  21. The Son of Man—7:56
  22. The Son of God—8:37; 9:20
  23. The content of the gospel—8:35; 11:20; 26:18
  24. The corporate Christ—9:4-5
  25. The Judge of the living and the dead—9:42; 17:31
  26. The seed of David, the promised One—13:22-23
  27. The firstborn Son of God, begotten in His humanity through resurrection—13:33
  28. The holy and faithful things, the sure mercies, of David—13:34
  29. The One in whom we are justified—13:39
  30. A light of the Gentiles—13:47; 26:23
  31. The Spirit of Jesus—16:6-7
  32. Another king—17:6-7; 2:30
  33. God—20:28
  34. The purchaser of the church—20:28
  35. The believers’ inheritance—26:18
The All-inclusive Christ in Romans
  1. The Seed of David and the Son of God—1:3-4
  2. The Redeemer—3:22-24
  3. The propitiation place—3:25
  4. The factor of our justification—4:25
  5. Our peace toward God—5:1
  6. Our access into God’s grace—5:2
  7. The Reconciler—5:10
  8. The Life-Savior—5:10
  9. The Head of the new corporate man—5:15-21
  10. The Christ who died and resurrected—6:3-6, 10
  11. The new husband—7:2-6
  12. The Emancipator—7:22—8:4
  13. The Spirit of Christ—8:9-11
  14. The Heir of God—8:17
  15. The Firstborn of God—8:29
  16. The One who makes us more than conquerors—8:32-39
  17. God, blessed forever—9:5
  18. The end of the law—10:4
  19. The living Word—10:5-8
  20. The Lord of all who is rich to all—10:9-13
  21. The Deliverer—11:26
  22. The element and sphere of the members of the Body—12:5
  23. The Lord of the dead and the living—14:9
  24. The Receiver of all believers—15:7-12
The All-inclusive Christ in 1 Corinthians
  1. Our God-given portion—1:2
  2. God’s power—1:24
  3. God’s wisdom—1:24
  4. Our righteousness—1:30
  5. Our sanctification—1:30
  6. Our redemption—1:30
  7. The Lord of glory—2:8
  8. The depths of God—2:10
  9. The unique foundation of God’s building—3:11
  10. Our Passover—5:7
  11. The unleavened bread of sincerity and truth—5:8
  12. Our spiritual food—10:3
  13. Our spiritual drink—10:4
  14. The spiritual rock—10:4
  15. The Head—11:3
  16. The Body—12:12
  17. The firstfruits of resurrection—15:20, 23
  18. The second man—15:47
  19. The last Adam—15:45
  20. The life-giving Spirit—15:45
The All-inclusive Christ in 2 Corinthians
  1. The source of the apostles’ comfort—1:5-6
  2. The Yes and the Amen—1:19-20
  3. The anointed One to whom we are firmly attached—1:21
  4. Our person—2:10
  5. The victorious general leading a triumphal procession—2:14
  6. The Spirit, the Lord Spirit, for our freedom and transformation—3:16-18
  7. The image of God as our outward expression—4:4-6
  8. Christ Jesus as Lord, the Christ of glory, the content of the gospel—4:5
  9. The treasure in earthen vessels as our inward content—4:7
  10. The sphere and element of the new creation—5:14-17
  11. The means of reconciliation—5:18-21
  12. The factor of grace, as our life and pattern—8:9
  13. The factor of human virtues, such as meekness, gentleness, and truthfulness—10:1; 11:10
  14. The One Husband—11:2
  15. The embodiment of grace, as grace itself in our weakness—12:9
  16. The powerful One in the believers—13:3-5
  17. The center of the Triune God in the divine dispensing—13:14
The All-inclusive Christ in Galatians
  1. The One who rescues us out of the present evil (religious) age—1:4
  2. The One revealed in us—1:15-16
  3. The sphere of freedom—2:4
  4. The means of justification—2:16
  5. The One who has given Himself up for the believers and who lives in them—2:20
  6. The One who became a curse on our behalf to redeem us out of the curse of the law—3:13
  7. The seed of Abraham—3:16
  8. The goal of the law—3:24-29
  9. The Son of God, redeeming those under the law that we might receive the sonship—4:4-7
  10. The One who is formed in the believers—4:19
  11. The Emancipator, freeing us from the slavery of the law and bringing us into grace by the Spirit and by faith operating through love—5:1
  12. The Creator of the new creation—6:12-18
The All-inclusive Christ in Ephesians
  1. The sphere and the means of the spiritual blessings in the heavenlies—1:3-14
  2. The means of the divine power—1:19-23
  3. The sphere and element of the creation of God’s masterpiece—2:5-10
  4. The Creator of the new man—2:11-22
  5. Our peace—2:14
  6. Our access to the Father—2:18
  7. The cornerstone—2:20
  8. The mystery of the church—3:3-11
  9. The One with unsearchable riches—3:8
  10. The center, circumference, element, sphere, means, goal, and aim of God’s eternal economy—3:11
  11. The One making His home in the hearts of the believers—3:14-21
  12. The center of the processed Triune God for the Body of Christ—4:3-6
  13. The Giver of the gifts—4:7-16
  14. The reality and grace for the living of the new man—4:17-32
  15. The light with love for the believers’ walk—5:1-21
  16. The Husband of the church—5:22-32
  17. The Head of the church and Savior of the Body—5:23
  18. The One who loved the church and gave Himself up for her in the past—5:25
  19. The One who sanctifies the church in the present—5:26
  20. The One who will present the church to Himself glorious in the future—5:27
  21. The One who cherishes and nourishes the church—5:29
  22. The constituents of God’s armor—6:10-20
  23. The source of peace, love with faith, and grace—6:23-24
The All-inclusive Christ in Philippians
  1. The means for bearing the fruit of righteousness—1:11
  2. The bountiful Supplier for our living—1:19-21
  3. Our pattern—2:5-8
  4. The goal of the believers’ pursuit—3:7-16
  5. The One who transfigures our body—3:20-21
  6. Our secret of sufficiency—4:11-12
  7. The One who empowers us—4:13
  8. The base, element, sphere, and channel in and by which God cares for us according to His riches and in glory—4:19
The All-inclusive Christ in Colossians
  1. The allotted portion of the saints—1:12
  2. The Son of God’s love, with the kingdom—1:13
  3. The centrality and universality, the center and circumference, of God’s economy—1:15-27
  4. The image of the invisible God—1:15
  5. The Firstborn of all creation—1:15
  6. The sphere, means, and goal of creation—1:16
  7. The Head of the Body, the church—1:18; 2:19
  8. The Firstborn from the dead—1:18
  9. The One who has the first place in all things—1:18
  10. The fullness of God—1:19
  11. The Reconciler of all things—1:20-22
  12. Our hope of glory—1:27
  13. The mystery of God—2:2
  14. The One in whom all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden—2:3
  15. The One in whom we live, move, act, and have our being—2:6
  16. The soil in which we’re rooted—2:7
  17. The embodiment of the fullness of the Godhead—2:9
  18. The Head of all rule and authority—2:10
  19. The One in whom we were made full—2:10
  20. The One in whom we were circumcised—2:11
  21. The body (reality) of all the shadows—2:16-17
  22. Our life—3:4
  23. The unique constituent of the one new man—3:10-11
  24. Our peace—3:15
The All-inclusive Christ in 1 and 2 Thessalonians
  1. The hope of the church—Christ in His coming
    1. The cause of our endurance—1 Thes 1:3
    2. Our expectation, the One who delivers us from the coming wrath—1:10
    3. The incentive of our work for Him, to have hope, joy, a crown, and glory—2:19-20
    4. The cause of our blamelessness in holiness—3:13
    5. Our comfort concerning the dead in Him—4:13-18
    6. The cause of our watchfulness—5:1-11
    7. The cause of our complete sanctification—5:23
    8. The incentive of our suffering for Him—2 Thes 1:7
    9. The One who will be glorified in His saints—1:10
    10. The One who will slay Antichrist by the breath of His mouth—2:8
The All-inclusive Christ in 1 Timothy
  1. The Savior of sinners—1:12-17
  2. The Mediator of God and men—2:5-6
  3. God manifested in the flesh—3:15-16
The All-inclusive Christ in 2 Timothy
  1. The One who nullified death and brought life and incorruption to light—1:10
  2. The sphere and element of grace—2:1, 8, 10
  3. The deliverer of the believers from persecutions—3:11-12; 4:18
  4. The righteous judge who is to appear with the kingdom—4:1, 8
The All-inclusive Christ in Titus
  1. Our great God and Savior—2:13-14
  2. The means of the pouring out of the Holy Spirit—3:5-7
The All-inclusive Christ in Philemon
  1. The sphere and element for the refreshing of the believers’ inward parts—20

The All-inclusive Christ in Hebrews

  1. The Son of God in two aspects—1:2, 5, 8; 3:6; 4:14; 5:5, 8;7:3, 28
  2. The effulgence of God’s glory and the impress of His substance—1:3
  3. The appointed Heir of all things—1:2
  4. The anointed One of God—1:9
  5. The Son of Man—2:5-18
  6. The Captain of our salvation—2:10-11
  7. The constant Succor—2:16
  8. The instant Helper—4:16
  9. The Apostle from God—3:1
  10. The Builder of the House of God—3:3
  11. A merciful, faithful, and great High Priest—2:17; 4:14-15
  12. The kingly and divine High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek (ministering, saving, interceding)—5:6; 6:20; 7:11, 17
  13. The Forerunner—6:19-20
  14. The heavenly Minister of the true tabernacle with a more excellent ministry—8:2, 6
  15. The surety and Mediator of a better covenant—7:22; 8:6; 12:24
  16. The Executor of the new testament—9:16-17
  17. The unique sacrifice and offering—10:5-10
  18. The Initiator of a new and living way—10:19-20
  19. The Author and Perfecter of faith—12:2
  20. The One who remains the same—13:8
  21. The great Shepherd of the sheep in the blood of an eternal covenant—13:20

The All-inclusive Christ in James

  1. The Lord Jesus Christ of glory—2:1
The All-inclusive Christ in1 Peter
  1. The One who suffered in the flesh and whose sufferings we share—1:11; 2:21; 3:18; 4:1, 13-14; 5:
  2. The Lamb without blemish or spot, whose precious blood redeemed us from our vain manner of life—1:18-19
  3. The One who was foreknown before the foundation of the world but has been manifested in the last of times for our sake—1:20
  4. The incorruptible seed for our regeneration—1:23
  5. The living stone for God’s building—2:4
  6. The chosen and precious cornerstone to the believers—2:6
  7. The rejected stone which has become the head of the corner—2:7
  8. The stone of stumbling and rock of offense to the unbelieving Jews—2:8
  9. The prototype in His living on earth—2:21
  10. The Redeemer in His death on the tree—2:24
  11. The Shepherd and Overseer of our soul in His resurrection life within us—2:25
  12. Our Righteous Substitute—3:18
  13. The One who, in His enlivened Spirit, descended into the abyss to proclaim His victory over Satan to the spirits in prison—3:19
  14. The body of the shadow of the ark—3:20-21
  15. The ascended One at the right hand of God with all things subjected to Him—3:22
  16. The One who will judge the living and the dead—4:5
  17. The Chief Shepherd—5:4
The All-inclusive Christ in 2 Peter
  1. Our God and Savior—1:1-18
  2. The Master who bought us—2:1
  3. The element of our growth—3:18
The All-inclusive Christ in the Epistles of John
  1. The Word of life, with the Father from eternity and manifested to the believers in incarnation—1:1
  2. The God-man, Jesus His Son—1:7
  3. Our sin offering—1:8
  4. Our trespass offering—1:9
  5. Our Advocate with the Father—2:1
  6. The Righteous One—2:1, 29
  7. The propitiation for our sins—2:2; 4:10
  8. Our abiding place—2:6, 24, 27-28; 3:7, 24; 4:13
  9. The eternal, preexisting One—2:13
  10. Jesus—the Christ, the Father, the Son, the eternal life (dealing with Cerinthians)—2:22-25
  11. The coming One—2:28; 3:2
  12. The pure One—3:3
  13. The sinless One who takes away sins—3:5
  14. The One who destroyed the works of the devil—3:8
  15. The incarnated One who has come in the flesh (dealing with the Docetists)—4:2
  16. The only begotten Son sent that we might have life and live through Him—4:9
  17. The Savior of the world—4:14
  18. Our life and our victory—5:1, 4-5
  19. The Son of God attested to by the water, the blood, and the Spirit—5:6-8
  20. The Son, the life—5:11-12
  21. The One who came that we might know the true God—5:20
  22. The source of grace, mercy, and peace—2 John 3
  23. God incarnate, who came in the flesh—2 John 7
  24. The truth which we enjoy, in which we walk, and for which we work, going out on behalf of the Name—3 John 3-4, 7-8
The All-inclusive Christ in Jude
  1. Our Keeper—1
  2. Our only Master and Lord—4
  3. The judge of the ungodly—5-7, 14-15
The All-inclusive Christ in Revelation
  1. The Faithful Witness—1:5; 3:14
  2. The Firstborn of the Dead—1:5
  3. The Ruler of the Kings of the Earth—1:5
  4. The Son of God—2:18
  5. The Son of Man—1:13
  6. The First and the Last—1:17; 2:8; 22:13
  7. The Beginning and the End—22:13
  8. The Alpha and the Omega—22:13
  9. The Living One—1:18
  10. The Holy One—3:7
  11. The True One—3:7
  12. The Faithful One—19:11
  13. The Amen—3:14
  14. The Origination of the Creation of God—3:14
  15. The Root—5:5
  16. The Offspring of David—22:16
  17. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah—5:5
  18. The Lamb—5:6; 21:23; 22:1
  19. King of Kings—19:16
  20. Lord of Lords—19:16
  21. The Word of God—19:13
  22. The Morning Star—22:16
  23. The Lamp—21:23
  24. The Husband—19:7; 21:2
  25. The Another Angel—7:2; 8:3; 10:1; 18:1
Total: 435

4 thoughts on “The All-inclusive Christ in the New Testament

  1. Ah, the question of where to rank James in his view of the AIX? How about adding 5:6, 7, 8, 9 as very clear references to Christ and probably 11 in the context of preceding verses referencing Lord. Then v.12 is interesting in that James quotes Jesus’ words in Mt. 5:37 (how about – A Man of Few Words?) I’d include vv. 14-15 for same reason above regarding Lord but kind of hard to put a clean title on the aspects but shouldn’t be overlooked. Thanks for your post. Saw a relationship between James’ use of God and Lord I’d never noticed before. Appreciate your efforts here. Nice list.


    • Instead of “Man of Few Words,” perhaps “The Encourager to Speak Less” would be more appropriate. My appreciation of Him is uplifted. Thank you.


    • Those are possibilities. I didn’t include most of those because I wasn’t clear if for James “Lord” is a standard reference to Christ as it is for Paul. Wasn’t sure if James was using Lord in an OT sense to refer to God in general. Anyway, just not sure, but even if so they are not that clear or rich. Thanks for the references!


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