At a certain point after talking to a lot of people about the benefits of blogging, it becomes necessary to start one. I fear falling into that critical adage- ‘those who can’t, teach.’ Actually, I was just waiting for Starbucks to offer free wifi so that my budding blogging career could develop for free outside the confines of home internet. I’d hate to credit Time Warner for all this.

This being my first blog and considering its pro bono nature, I hereby reserve the right to not know what I’m doing, ramble at undisclosed lengths, and receive complimentary beverages at any and all coffee shops I end up blogging at.

I’m not really sure what the direction of this blog will ultimately take, but I’m profoundly interested in the Bible, I studied architecture, and I’m alive. Hence the tag line. I make no promises though and since you probably also have no expectations I think we’re a match.

I’m 27 and have graduated from the University of Texas (in 2005 only 22% of Americans had a Bachelor’s degree), married the girl I took to high school prom, and owned a house. I’m a morning person who inevitably stays up too late. My favorite author is Marcel Proust. I’ve managed to read half of his oceanic novel which surges with 1.5 million words and where paragraph indents are rare. Notable places I’ve visited include Tokyo, Paris, London, Rio, Sydney. I have family on 3 continents.

And now I have a blog.

15 thoughts on “Me

  1. I like the new theme and customizations a lot, too. It’s clean and snappy and makes the eyes happy. I’d migrate to wordpress, too, but I’m already here, and I don’t need a new theme…yet.


  2. Man, I need to buy a new, smaller laptop or tablet, so I can blog from cafes too!

    What a great idea.

    Very nice blog you have here Kyle. Clean and crisp, just like your writing.


  3. I love to extract quotes from my readings. So, naturally I love your blog. A little quote goes a long way.

    It’s great to receive the riches of Christ from the saints in many portions and in many ways.


  4. Dear Bro. in Christ, i’m following and enjoying your writing. With your kind permission, would I translated some of your posts here into vietnamese to share on my personal blog (
    Thank you so much. May god bless and keep you and may His face shine on you!


  5. Re trials of a translator.
    Used to have Knox NT, since RcV and e-sword, I have all the translations I have time for.
    J B Phillips, translator, also wrote of his experiences. As a Liberal to start with, he writes in the “Ring of Truth,” almost a conversion to a sense of inspiration. Don’yt want to say too much, check it out.


  6. I just stumbled upon your blog. I love Jesus and I really appreciate your blog. I so enjoy your wonderful portion of Christ.

    Thanks for sharing!


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