Reflecting on my Experience with Christians on Campus

Christians on Campus UT Austin

In a sense we’re all Timothys. We learn from those who are ahead of us- our spiritual fathers and pioneers in the journey we’re on. We are inheritors, and we have a debt of gratitude to pay off. I am especially indebted to the people from Christians on Campus at the University of Texas for the experiences that have shaped my faith and guided me in my pursuit of Christ and the church.

Christians on Campus is a startlingly vibrant and eclectic group of Jesus lovers who truly believe “what starts here changes the world.” They present diverse and dynamic opportunities for students to grow spiritually through eye-opening Bible study, daily fellowship, engaging outreach, and living in community. This certainly was my first impression of them as a freshman.

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The Humanity of Jesus


The gospel of Luke presents, in detail, the incomparable and indescribable human living of the God-man Jesus Christ. Since such a life had never existed or been observed before, it is difficult to categorize.

Holy? Godly? Righteous? Kind? Loving? Humble? Ethical? Noble? All fall short and leave something wanting.

Aromatic is a good word to describe our perception of it. We detect something and yet can’t quite discern what we are experiencing.

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Characteristics of Luke

Saint Luke by Simone MartiniI am now in the book of Luke and I am paying particular attention to the humanity of Jesus as the outstanding characteristic of this gospel.

This quote from A. T. Robertson in the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, “Gospel of Luke” sums up well some general thoughts I am keeping in mind as I read. It particularly touches on, what can be called, the principle of incarnation by highlighting aspects of Luke’s person.

According to this principle, what the Lord wants to reveal and impart, He does through a human channel. However, the human vessel needs to match the content of the ministry that flows through him. In this way there is no separation between what one is and what one does. Otherwise, we may build up some by what we do, but tear down more by what we are. The most important thing in the work is the person.

So, here is Luke…

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What does the gospel offer? 23 Eternals

At the most basic level, what the gospel offers is a solution to the fundamental problem of human existence- vanity.

As many intellectual objections man may have to the Bible or as much disdain he may harbor for the shortcomings of Christianity throughout history, the basic promises in the gospel should be a beacon of hope to those unmoored in the sea of absurdity.

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