Twitter and Micro-prophesying

Last week I attended a week long conference on the Minor Prophets. The revelation itself presented in the messages was truly mind-blowing. But before I blog about that in the upcoming days, I wanted to talk about how the Lord can use technology for His move.

This conference had a designated hashtag for live Twitter updates. It was the first time I had been in a conference that included this feature and I was excited to see how it would turn out.

The Twitter stream added an entirely new dimension to the week.

Updates, highlights, and frameable quotes steadily flowed throughout the messages and study-times. It was an undercurrent of divine activity that provided a compelling reason for anyone not on Twitter to sign up and join the conversation. It also provided a quick and convenient way to review the previous session’s highlights, see what others enjoyed, and find common areas of response. A few scrolls through the Twitter stream and you could easily tell which points the Spirit really spoke through.


A few inspirational tweets that show the divine potential in services like Twitter really caught my attention:

  • Twitter is micro-prophesying.

  • Publish glad tidings through Twitter.

  • The shortest tweet is greater than the strongest memory.

  • #eachoneHAShtags -1 Cor 14:26

If the gospel is a proclamation, then Twitter seems like an ideal microphone.

What you hear in the ear, proclaim on the housetops.

-Matthew 10:27

24 thoughts on “Twitter and Micro-prophesying

  1. As a new twitter user, I was completely blown away by how much enjoyment and light I received when I watched live updates posted from those in this conference. Even though I wasn’t there, it was incredible how this micro-prophesying almost made me feel like I was!


    • I’m so glad to hear that Danielle. I was there and still was amazed at how supplying and encouraging the tweets were! I liked how you could tell which points really impressed people by the barrage of tweets that followed. When what was heavily tweeted was the same point that touched me, it was a mini confirmation that the Spirit was speaking to the Body in that instance.


  2. “The shortest tweet is greater than the strongest memory.” That’s a nice technological twist on one of your favorite quotes, Kyle.


  3. I didn’t manage to go to this time, but I was monitoring the #MinorProph hashtag on Twitter, and it was so supplying to read the rich tweets with the top enjoyment! I had to RT many of them… and I’m looking forward to getting into the mp3 messages…


    • Awesome. You bring up a good point. Tweets of this nature are like the tithe of the good land in the OT- the top 10% of all the riches. It was nice to be able to skim the cream.


    • Yeah, it was a bit last minute so maybe word didn’t get around to as many as it should. Hope to integrate it more in the future. I plan on posting some of the highlights soon.


  4. My husband and I were not in the live meetings but we both really felt like we could stay up to date via the Twitter feed. It made me really excited to watch the video broadcast of the conference!


  5. Sorry to be a twit, but I would not like getting tweets during the messages. I would want to totally focus on the sharing. To me that could be distracting to people around you also.


    • Understandable. You could always turn off your notifications. For me, I wasn’t checking updates during the messages. I didn’t want to miss a word. But afterward it was really helpful (even now) and refreshing to see all the tweets. As far as people around me sending a tweet, it was about as distracting as them taking notes, ie not at all. I was able to stay fully engaged in the speaking from both perspectives.


  6. The very reason I joined Twitter was a brother encouraging me in this manner: if you can speak it in a short tweet, then you know you got the point. Micro-prophesying = crystallization. This kind of speaking is a concentrated “time-release” medicinal dose, which unfolds its healing over time; it is a concentrated miracle meal which nourishes over a period of time – the more you consider and “chew” on it. — I would also confirm this with my experience during the training/conference messages on the Minor Prophets: the nourishing, the healing, the satisfying, the infusing and the enlivening. Awesome. Praise our speaking Christ!


    • Alan, I agree. In April I attended a packed weekend conference there and after each message I sent a text to members of my group. The goal of my text was to capture a high point – more than the title of the msg but not details. What caused me to labor & really consider was my old phone which limits texts to 160 characters. It was an exercise that helped me to do a quick review after each message.


    • Definitely. It seems that Jesus’ disciples captured His teaching in bite size portions like this too. They didn’t record everything He said, but they got the significant portions into short, memorable “verses.”


  7. I wonder if we will ever reach a point when the seemingly unlimited progress of technology will have some kind of negative effect on our lives. I wonder sometimes if we have already reached that point.


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