The Gospel- Indispensable and Explicit

8. Even though we ought to be modest about the character and effectiveness of our witness, evangelism remains an indispensable ministry.

It is not an optional extra but a sacred duty, “incumbent on the church… This message is indeed necessary. It is unique. It cannot be replaced.” It cannot be assumed that the evangelistic dimension of the church’s mission is included in all that the church says and does; it has to be made explicit.

–David J Bosch, Transforming Mission, pp. 413-414

I had an experience last week that really drove this point home. However, I’m going to let my friend Chris tell you all about it on his blog, since he already wrote an excellent post on it- The Foundation of the Gospel in 8 Words.

One thought on “The Gospel- Indispensable and Explicit

  1. Christ´s death not only saves us from death so that we do not need to die, but also causes us, through His
    resurrection, to live no longer to ourselves but to Him. If we would live to the Lord, we must be constrained
    by the love of Christ; this love limits us, confining us to the narrow way that leads to the unique aim –
    Crist Himself – 2 Cor.5:14-15. (Excerpt from the outline “Living to the Lord” for a message given by Ron


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