The Bible at a Glance

It’s called sixty-six clouds.

If the Bible was the collective blogging effort of men of old, this would be the tag cloud.

This is the ultimate word study turned graphic.

These 11″x17″ posters turn the words of the Bible into home decor. I call it decorative evangelism. Want to get an idea of what the Bible is all about? Scroll through these posters that visualize word frequency in the Bible and you’ll agree that the Bible is focused not on dry doctrines but on a living person!

Witness Lee was right when he said, “The early apostles, such as John, Paul, and Peter, although their style, terminology, utterance, certain aspects of their views, and the way they presented their teachings differed, participated in the same, unique ministry, the ministry of the New Testament. Such a ministry ministers to people, as its focus, the all-inclusive Christ as the embodiment of the Triune God.”

The three posters above, from the books John, Philippians, and 1 Peter demonstrate this. Paul, John, and Peter were the three major authors of the New Testament, writing from different backgrounds, with different perspectives, to different audiences, in different regions, at different times. And YET all their writings stress the Triune God for our experience.

Use the link above to check out the website! There’s a poster for every book in the Bible.