The Gospel of God, Speaker Notes

These are my speaking notes for a fellowship I gave on the gospel of God. I am making the notes available for anyone who wants to dig deeper into this topic or save this as a resource for their own speaking. As with all my posts here, take this for what it’s worth and simply as my current but limited understanding of this topic considered from a specific perspective.

As a spoken message, and as the first in a 14 message series on the gospel that Christian Students on Campus at UT is doing this fall, it is by necessity partial (part of a series) and limited (because of time constraints). And as the first message, it is intended to lay out some basic points before we get into the specifics, and really even into the gospel itself.

The three points I cover (related to the gospel) are:

  1. Know it—in its center and fullness
  2. Believe it—in its truth and power
  3. Tell it out—in its goodness and glory

The way I like to do my notes is: the first page is the outline that I will hand out for the message; after that comes a rather complete development of what I want to say, paying particular attention to the logical flow of the message and specifically crafted sentences that I feel “capture the light” I got in my study.[1] And since they are notes designed to be used while I’m speaking, I try to create visual hierarchies and clues that my eyes can easily follow at a glance when needed. Of course, I could pare this down even more if I wanted something more streamline, but again, this is like base camp where I keep all my gear. Most of the time I’m not even looking at these notes when I speak, but I keep them handy for reference.

Much of the material I steep myself in never makes it out of my mouth when the time comes to speak. Regurgitating everything on the page is not the point. But, without this level of detail, all the little puddles of revelation that collected during my preparation soon evaporate. So, a while back I started creating more detailed speaker notes as resources on topics that I could always revisit or that I could send to others if they were interested.

Check out my full notes for much more!

PDF: The Gospel of God



1. Watchman Nee, CWWN 53:191-192: “When God gives us a sentence or two to capture the light, these sentences contain not merely words but the whole revelation behind them… God may give us one sentence only, but that one sentence is packed with God’s rich utterance and overflowing revelation.”

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