Jesus is Better- Mark Driscoll’s Interview with the Seahawks

Right before the Super Bowl, Mark Driscoll interviewed of few of the Seattle Seahawks, asking them the question, “Who is Jesus?” The video provides a powerful counterpoint to the typical athlete interview. In the course of the interview, Rocky Seto makes the statement that Jesus is better than the Super Bowl.

This statement, shocking as it is coming from an American football coach, fits in perfectly with the thought of the book of Hebrews.

In fact, “Jesus is better” is a perfect summary of the entire book of Hebrews. Jesus is better than the angels, Moses, Aaron, etc. The author (probably Paul) pulls out example after example to show the surpassing worth of Christ. No matter who or what He is matched up against, Jesus wins every time. Jesus beats the Broncos, the Seahawks, AND Mike Ditka. Combined.

I just finished reading through Hebrews again this morning. It’s probably my favorite book of the Bible. I don’t know; somehow it’s just… better. Below is a list of all the instances of what is better about Jesus and the new covenant in Hebrews.

Jesus is Better

  1. The better Christ (1:4)
  2. Better things (6:9)
  3. A better hope (7:19)
  4. A better covenant (7:22; 8:6)
  5. Better promises (8:6)
  6. Better sacrifices (9:23)
  7. A better possession (10:34)
  8. A better country (11:16)
  9. A better resurrection (11:35)
  10. Something better (11:40)
  11. Better speaking (12:24)

If you haven’t seen the interview yet, check it out!

4 thoughts on “Jesus is Better- Mark Driscoll’s Interview with the Seahawks

  1. Yeah bro, saw this one. Hallelujah for this brother’s faith. May the Lord keep him and supply him through whatever is in his future.


    • Amen. The interview provides the athlete with a unique platform to witness for Christ, both explicitly and implicitly. I am glad there are Christians in that position who don’t shy away from that. It seems that the Lord always has a few spokesmen for Himself in that arena. Relevant Magazine even called 2012 the Year of the Outspoken Christian Athlete! People my age will remember David Robinson. I worked for the Texas Rangers in 2002 and have TONS of autographed baseballs. The only one I have on display in my house is from Orel Hershiser (who was on the coaching staff then and with whom I had numerous conversations). It reads- “To Kyle, Best Wishes, God Bless, Orel Hershiser, John 3:16.”


  2. Love this statement: “Jesus is better.” That’s true in every facet of life, but I love the timely confession from football gladiators on the brink of a championship. The 11 points from Hebrews epic—thanks for sharing, Kyle. I only wish we could get a longer video from their interview with Mark Driscoll.


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