Seven Unsolvable Problems | Psalm 72

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This word crashes onto the shore of human ingenuity like a wall of water. We humans solve everything. We have an intractable ambition to master our environment, overcome what stands in our way, and remake the world in our own image. The Enlightenment taught us to believe in progress, that all problems are solvable. Potential, progress, and pragmatism are the Western, secular trinity. This is faith in humanity.

And the problems of modern existence that are still pending are never abandoned in despair. We don’t admit defeat. We may endure temporary set backs and delays, but in our mind there are always solutions forthcoming. The advances in science, medicine, technology, industry, communication, and culture have promised us a better future of equality, prosperity, freedom, and happiness. Jules Verne and the early generation of futurologists would be shocked to see us eclipsing their most audacious fantasies.

However, right alongside this notable track record of progress are alarming discrepancies. Postmodernism recognizes that the Enlightenment paradigm has run its course. Fear, disenchantment, vulnerability, pollution, oppression, war have not disappeared. “The earth is polluted under the weight of its inhabitants” (Isa. 24:5). Romans 8 is an apropos description of the spiritual vacuum in postmodern society- vanity, slavery, corruption, groaning, and travail. We have not mastered our own sinful nature, and this is the source of our enduring Catch-22.

All the monsters of the wilderness, all the horrors of darkness have reappeared. The human person again stands before the chaos; and all of this is so much more terrible, since the majority do not recognize it: after all, everywhere scientifically educated people are communicating with one another, machines are running smoothly, and bureaucracies are functioning well.

–Romano Guardini

Psalm 72

Psalm 72 identifies some of these “monsters”, implying seven problems on earth that cannot be solved by man:

  1. Ecological problems–v.6
  2. Territorial problems–v.7-8
  3. Racial problems–v.10-11
  4. Political problems–v.11
  5. Economic problems–v.12-13
  6. Social justice problems–v.14
  7. Violence and crime related problems–v.14

Because these problems are unsolvable, we need a Savior. Here human nature is overtaxed. This psalm reveals that in His second coming, Christ will solve all these problems and take possession of the earth. “He will drop like rain upon mown grass, like abundant showers dripping on the earth” (Psa. 72:6). In His first coming, He mainly dealt with sin, accomplished redemption, and released the divine life. In His second coming, He will renew the earth, solve the problems of society, and bring in God’s kingdom. We are accustomed to preaching the gospel of His first coming, but His second coming is equally part of the gospel. I think it’s time to start preaching it, expecting it, and hastening it (2 Pet. 3:12).

The first coming of the Lord made the “fish” no longer “salty.” His second coming will make the “sea” no longer “salty.” In His first coming, the Lord saved us individually one by one. In His second coming, He will save the world as well… Today all of us who are saved through His first coming have a new life. When He comes again, we will inherit a new environment to match our new life within.

–Watchman Nee

11 thoughts on “Seven Unsolvable Problems | Psalm 72

  1. Great post Kyle! It’s helpful to me to realize that, in this age, there are unsolvable problems. Of course, this concept is abhorrent to some, but it’s just the fact. Only Christ’s second coming can deal with these unsolvable problems that have plagued and perplexed man for so long.

    What should we do? We should expect and hasten the Lord’s second coming. I was discussing this matter of unsolvable problems with some other guys yesterday, and our only conclusion was that we have to be prepared as Christ’s bride so that He can come back – this is to be truly revolutionary and progressive!


    • Thanks. I have always been helped by a chapter entitled “Towards the World” in The Normal Christian Faith by Watchman Nee. He says there that God already has a solution prepared for these issues. He also has set the schedule for their solution. This chapter helps me stay focused on what God is doing today in dispensing His life and building up His Body. Christians are not social workers and we are not trying to solve all these problems “horizontally.” We are bringing in a “vertical” solution.


  2. Many people – believers and unbelievers alike – think that when Jesus came He brought the solution to ALL the problems in humanity. He did bring the solution – He IS the solution – to all the inward problems in humanity, but Christ didn’t come to solve ALL the problems.

    I was pondering over this matter as we were going through a study on Daniel and Zechariah. I realized that we as His believers today have the opportunity to be part of Christ’s second coming to finish the remaining issues on the earth! We can be part of the “corporate smiting stone”, Christ with His overcomers coming to finish human government and all the other problems!

    So…. amen, we just need to do our best before the Lord to hasten His return! Come, Lord Jesus!


    • The study on Daniel and Zechariah and also the one on the Minor Prophets helped me tremendously. Actually the same line of burden extends back to the Psalms training too. Christ, house, city, earth- that’s the summary of the Psalms. Christ is very concerned and interested in the earth. We can be part of that divine history within human history to bring in His manifestation and the earth’s restoration. To me, that is a very compelling revelation.


  3. I really enjoyed this post Kyle. I have really been touched with the matter of preaching the gospel that includes the two comings of Christ. We have the privilege to have seen in the Word that there is a need for us to become the bridal army to help usher in Christ’s second coming to clear up all of the unsolvable problems in the universe. Christ wants to expatriate Satan! But this will only happen with our cooperation.

    We need to speak more about Christ’s second coming and do all we can to hasten it while expecting it. Whether we are young or older in our Christian life we need to focus on Christ’s return for His bride.

    Amen! Come Lord Jesus!


    • Thanks Brian. What a high view of the Christian calling (Phil. 3:14; Heb. 3:1)! Man is God’s recovery team created to recover the earth from the hand of Satan and expatriate him from heaven to earth, from the earth to the abyss, and from the abyss to the lake of fire.


  4. Thanks for the post. I’ve been monitoring the news this past week and everything is so depressing or heart-wrenching. But what is worse, it is all like you said: unsolvable. We truly need a Savior in our life everyday and for Him to return.


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