Watchman Nee Hymn

Watchman Nee’s hymns are some of the deepest and moving I have ever heard. I wish more believers today enjoyed not just his ministry of the word but also his wealth of hymns.

I recorded this on my iPhone in one sitting without looking at the number of stanzas, so please forgive the fact that I don’t play the whole thing through.

1.  Lord, when the Father ne’er was known, / The Father came through Thee below,

That we who lived in ignorance / Might through Thyself the Father know.

2.  But, Lord, when Thou wast here on earth, / How scarce were those Thyself who knew;

A veil there was ‘twixt Thee and them; / They crowded ‘round, but saw not through.

3.  Now as the Spirit Thou hast come / E:’en as the Father came in Thee;

As we through Thee the Father know, / Now through the Spirit we know Thee.

4.  Not with the flesh Thou now art clothed- / Then must Thou walk with toil around;

But as the Spirit in our heart / Thou dost supply Thyself unbound.

5.  Thou, Lord, the Father once wast called, / But now the Holy Spirit art;

The Spirit is Thine other form, / Thyself to dwell within our heart.

6.  By knowing Thee as Spirit, Lord, / We realize Thy life’s outflow,

Thy glory and Thy character, / And all Thy being’s wonders know.

7.  Praise to Thy Name now floods our heart; / There is no one as dear as Thee;

For since we know how real Thou art, / No other one could lovelier be.

5 thoughts on “Watchman Nee Hymn

  1. Hi Kyle,
    I enjoyed your post on Watchman Nee’s hymn “Lord, when the Father ne’er was known.” I also blogged a hymn by Witness Lee on May 19–“My Favorite Hymn on Coming to the Lord in His Word.” Check it out when you have a chance.

    Much grace, Tom


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