Live for Me

I saw a billboard last week as my wife and I were driving back to Texas. Not a unique or staggering experience, I know, but this one caught my eye. It read: “Live for Me, I died for you –God.”

As we flew past it at 70+ mph it managed, unlike other billboards, to lodge itself in my mind. And as we continued to drive along that spatially unassuming road in the middle of nowhere, that sign with those curated seven words, so poignantly chosen to sound right out of the ten commandments, rolled in the lock of mental undertow.

I realized you can read that sign one of two ways.

Most people probably read, “Live for Me, I died for you” with the traditional glasses of Christianity- doing things in honor of God or for the glory of God. To me, this concept is very vague but of course universally applicable. The thought is: if I recognize God for this gift or talent and do it as best I can He is glorified since He created me in this unique way.

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