Minor Prophets Twitter Highlights

There is a persistent and conquering love in God that causes Him to court His bride w/ His full salvation until she is spotless. #Eph 5

Minor Prophets ultimately coalesce in 2 striking points- love & war. NT application- bridal army. #Rev19

Only lovers can be mighty ones. #Joel3:11

The manifestation of Christ to which the minor prophet points is accessed by loving Him. #John14:21

The greatest prob w/ man is not that he doesn’t desire Christ, but that he doesn’t realize his desire for Christ. #Haggai2:7

God became a man to embrace sinners that they might cling to Him. #Habakkuk

5 greatest events in the universe in John 1: creation, incarnation, redemption, transformation, building. #Micah5:2

Lord, I will flinch and cry, but don’t stop making your home in my heart. #praythiseveryday

Christ’s goings forth must proceed outwardly on earth and in our heart simultaneously. #Micah5:2

If you want the temple to be built, you should live for it. #makeadecision

Sooner or later you will discover that you will never be satisfied until God is satisfied in you. #Haggai1

God’s goal is not immortality in the local church but eternity in the New Jerusalem. #vision

We must be for that building, and we must BE that building! #aspiration

Overcome your prejudice, exclusivity, superiority complex. The gospel and the truth are not our private possessions. #Jonah

The real shepherding is to shepherd people to the throne. #Ezekial34:23-24

Christ didn’t sneak out of Hades; He walked out with the keys! #Revelation1:18

Why do we work so much and pray so little? #WatchmanNee

Two main subj functions of God’s word- beautifying and slaying. #Ephesians 5:26, 6:17.

The Bible can be considered the autobiography of God. Divine history operates within human history. #DivineHistory #Joel

Old Testament = the history of God with man. New Testament = the history of God in man! #StudyTime

This is divine history, nonfiction.

“I drew them with cords of a man, with bands of love.” The love of God comes to us in the humanity of Jesus. #Hosea 11:4

Hosea is a type of God as a betrayed but unrelenting lover. “even as” #Hosea 3:1

Religious Christian or romantic Christian? #Hosea2:16

Both the old and new covenants are espousal covenants #Jeremiah2:2

There is something God cannot do: He cannot give you up. #Hosea 11:8

The reality of the 3rd day is a person – Christ! When we touch Him we touch the reality of revival. #Habakkuk

Experiencing the healing Christ for the Lord’s second coming and the consummation of the age. #Malachi

Apart from eating Jesus, it is impossible to live the Christian life. #John6:57 #Hosea11:4

Our goal as members of the Body of Christ is to enlarge the manifestation of Christ.

8 thoughts on “Minor Prophets Twitter Highlights

  1. as I was following the new hashtag on #CollegeTraining I was thinking to write this kind of a blog post – but you were quicker than me! I love it. What I may have a burden to do, another member of the Body may do it – and even better and quicker than me!

    I also enjoyed these hashtags and I’m looking forward to listening to these messages….


  2. Haha, this happens a lot when prophesying in a meeting. Someone else beats you to it. So what do you do? Share it again! Kinda like reposting this on facebook 🙂


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