The Bridge of Time

Bridge of Time

I created this Bridge of Time diagram because I have often drawn rough sketches of it in speaking to people and thought that it would be nice to have a more detailed version online somewhere as a resource. The overall concept is that God’s eternal economy is accomplished in time, which can be viewed as a bridge connecting the blueprint of God’s plan before time with the finished masterpiece in eternity forever.

By passing through time and space God enters an irreversible process in His economy where He becomes flesh, becomes the life-giving Spirit, and ultimately becomes married to His chosen people (John 1:14; 1 Cor. 15:45; Rev. 19:7). Thus, the God at the beginning of the Bible is, economically, radically different from the God at the end of the Bible.

This thought of process is running in the background of the diagram. But my main intention was to help visualize event proximities and major happenings throughout human history. Thus I have all the prophets listed in chronological order (Obadiah is a tricky one, some place him at the beginning and some at the end), the great human image seen in Daniel, and the breakdown of the dispensations in God’s move. I tied in Christ’s status as the threefold seed in humanity with verse references related to Adam, Abraham, and David because this bears strong significance to God’s purpose and process. I supply some approximate dates for general reference, but the main thing is not the precise dates of events but the big picture.

This diagram also visualizes some lines from a favorite song of mine:

God eternal has a purpose,

Formed in His eternal past,

Spreading to eternal future;

‘Twixt these ends all time is cast.

For with time there is the process,

Time for His accomplishment;

And in time we’re merely travelers—

For eternity we’re meant.

15 thoughts on “The Bridge of Time

  1. brother, this is an excellent chart! I love it! I have to check out some of the details on the timeline…

    I love this song also – it is amazing to step back and see the world situation, the bridge of time, the timeline of the universe, from God’s point of view. We can really see something of what is in God’s heart and has been hidden for generations – but now revealed in the New Testament to the holy apostles and prophets… There’s so much more to this…


    • Thanks. I love graphics like this. There are so many I would love to do if I just had the time. They are always in a kind of work in progress mode. Any thoughts on something I could have included in this one?


  2. Amen! Another Kyle that loves the Lord. This one sits on the other side of the world in South Africa.

    Really enjoyed your chart. Everything makes so much more sense now! Thanks for sharing bro. And I really enjoyed reading some other posts on your blog.


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    • Wow. That is dense! I’ll definitely need some time to look into all the details. Thanks for sharing. The chart I made is really just a framework for discussing God’s process and purpose with the backdrop of history, rather than a full chronology.


  5. Wonderful Diagram. It shows the “Trinity’s” communion on earth and what I see as “Time” as well as “Love” that I have created many similar illustrations over at . Many years of research showing that human cognition as described by “secular” cognitive science has been giving evidence to our Judeo-Christian faith. God Bless.


  6. Very nice! I think it’s interesting that there are two gaps of unknown duration, both followed by a period of restoration. The result is with a man; the former is singular, the latter corporate. And the black line spanning the length of the diagram represents Christ. Cool.


  7. Hi Kyle,

    I really love the chart! I printed one out and showed it to many saints around me. I now want to print out an A3 size of it but noticed that Ezekiel is misspelt as “Ezekiel”. I’m sure that I’m not the first person to point this out in the last 8 years. If you’ve already made the edit, may I please have a copy of the edited image? Thank you!


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