Prayer – Politics by Other Means

The recent election and more particularly the reactions to it in on my Facebook news feed, caused me to reflect on a book title I read in college- Politics by Other Means. The book was assigned for a government class called Comparative Models of Democracy. To the chagrin of my former professor, I retain only incomplete and elusive memories of this book. What really stuck with me was the intriguing and suggestive title.

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Is unceasing prayer possible?

I began considering this question recently when I came across a post from Better Bibles Blog on how to translate 1 Thessalonians 5:17:

“One can not unceasingly pray in the world as we know it. God can do it (I would think). Although, if he would do it in front of us (aka Jesus), we probably wouldn’t perceive it being done. Also perhaps, we’ll be able to do it with resurrection bodies.”

In answering the question, “Can we pray without ceasing in this life?” complicated ideas that plunge into the erudite are brought up, such as: collocational clash, words and reality semantics, and relevance theory.

Reading the comments was like walking through an exegetical minefield. I don’t think God requires that we understand complex ideas like this to understand His word, for at least three reasons:

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