Is Jesus for Real? The Certainty of Faith

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Liar, Lunatic, Lord? In my last post I presented a brief survey of this argument. A fourth option was eventually suggested as equally viable. Legend- Jesus is not a historical person but is a myth of some sort.

This is just the sort of argument that pseudo-intellectuals will bring up on college campuses. Or the sort of headline story you’d find in the grocery store check-out line. It is either a mark of ignorance or a strategy for sensational journalism and should not be seriously entertained.

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The History of the Liar, Lunatic, Lord Trilemma

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Who is Jesus? In which category of humanity do we place Him? Great teacher? Counterculture revolutionary? Beatnik pacifist? Liar? Lunatic? Or a class of His own- Lord?

The liar, lunatic, Lord trilemma is typically attributed to C. S. Lewis. I first read it in Watchman Nee’s Normal Christian Faith, my sophomore year in high school. The argument has a long history with many reference points in Christian teaching, really dating all the way back to the New Testament text. The trilemma is found in situ in the Gospel of John, although scattered and disjointed. And so, over the years, out of the text itself, it was excavated, collected, arranged, presented, refined, and wholeheartedly adored by the Christian community.

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