The Humanity of Jesus


The gospel of Luke presents, in detail, the incomparable and indescribable human living of the God-man Jesus Christ. Since such a life had never existed or been observed before, it is difficult to categorize.

Holy? Godly? Righteous? Kind? Loving? Humble? Ethical? Noble? All fall short and leave something wanting.

Aromatic is a good word to describe our perception of it. We detect something and yet can’t quite discern what we are experiencing.

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Romans- the fifth gospel

One, two, three, four… five? The Gospel of God in Romans

How many gospels are there?

This depends on a number of things. Primarily, what is the gospel? Who is it for? What does the message of good news include?

Of course traditionally we refer to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as the four gospels. But Paul seems to consider his message in the book of Romans as the gospel too, although in another sense.

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16 Reasons Why Jesus Came

If Jesus is the reason for the season, what about Him is the reason?

Many Christians might casually answer, especially at this time of year, “Peace on earth.” This is mentioned by the angels in Luke 2:14, “…On earth peace among men of His good pleasure.” But the record of the New Testament provides a richer and fuller explanation of the reasons why Jesus came to earth. Peace on earth AND a lot more. Christ’s coming is best understood in relation to God’s good pleasure, an often overlooked phrase which is emphatically mentioned in Luke 2, the traditional Christmas story chapter which Linus reads in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

The incarnation of Christ is closely related to the purpose of God in creating man.

-Witness Lee

Below are 14 explicit statements Jesus made during His life concerning why He came and 2 reasons provided by the epistles. The list is not exhaustive but instructive. I really only included the verses that have the phrase “I have come to” or some variation of that. Enjoy!

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Reducing God to a Magic 8 Ball

We’re all guilty of doing it.

It’s easy to reduce God to a magic eight ball.

As we approach crossroads in life, we remember, “Oh yeah, I’ve got God.” So we ask our question, shake really hard, and optimistically turn our magic 8 ball over.

Don’t reduce God to a computational machine.

But you may say, “What about knowing God’s will for me? What about knowing what I’m supposed to do? What school to go to? Who to marry?” These are all legitimate concerns no doubt. But they are not all there is to God.

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