Minor Prophets Twitter Highlights

There is a persistent and conquering love in God that causes Him to court His bride w/ His full salvation until she is spotless. #Eph 5

Minor Prophets ultimately coalesce in 2 striking points- love & war. NT application- bridal army. #Rev19

Only lovers can be mighty ones. #Joel3:11

The manifestation of Christ to which the minor prophet points is accessed by loving Him. #John14:21

The greatest prob w/ man is not that he doesn’t desire Christ, but that he doesn’t realize his desire for Christ. #Haggai2:7

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Minor Prophets, Major Revelation


This week I’ll be attending a 6 day conference on the Minor Prophets. It will be a busy schedule with 4 hours of messages and 3 hours of study every day. Plus there are a lot of people I will need to catch up with in-between the schedule.

I’ve read the Minor Prophets before (more than once) but have never seriously studied them. Certainly these 12 books are among the most underrated portions of Scripture. Obadiah anyone? Nevertheless, they are just as much God’s word as Colossians or Ephesians and they were inspired, recorded, and preserved until today for a reason. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see what will be shared. I’ll be tweeting updates and highlights all week, so check out #MinorProph for the live stream.

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