My Home is God Himself, Hymn

Lyrics adapted from Frances Brook
Music arranged by Henry Thomas Smart

My home is God Himself; Christ brought me there,
And bade me dwell in Him, rejoicing there;
He bore me where no foot but His hath trod,
Within the holiest at home with God.
O holy place! O home divinely fair!
And we, God’s little ones, abiding there.

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Regeneration and Continuing in the Really Life

Our experience of regeneration determines our subsequent experiences of life.

The experience of regeneration initiates something that continues for eternity. Regeneration orients us for the rest of our life and becomes the standard by which we evaluate all other life experiences. When we are awakened to what transpired within us at the time of our salvation, we begin to value “that which is really life.”

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Watchman Nee Hymn

Watchman Nee’s hymns are some of the deepest and moving I have ever heard. I wish more believers today enjoyed not just his ministry of the word but also his wealth of hymns.

I recorded this on my iPhone in one sitting without looking at the number of stanzas, so please forgive the fact that I don’t play the whole thing through.

1.  Lord, when the Father ne’er was known, / The Father came through Thee below,

That we who lived in ignorance / Might through Thyself the Father know.

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